Who said what, when – right now

Contact Management

Who said what and when, in an instant

Thanks to the tight call integration, customer information is recalled immediately when making or receiving a call. From action points to email requests, order details to past meetings, everything is clearly summarised and accessible on-screen.

Find who you are looking for

Searching for customers has never been easier and you can search by name, company, order reference, post code or even telephone number. What’s more, when integrated with telephony you will see who is calling in and link to their record in one click (click to dial / email or sms them).

History can shape the future

Attached in the record you will find your full history of activity incoming and outgoing between you and your customer, including emails, sms, documents and phone calls and which team member handled it. History therefore shapes your conversation seamlessly.

The perfect call

Nail the perfect contact with your customer every time

By seeing everything about them and what they have requested in one place, you will be armed and ready to deal.

Leads ready to jump on

Let your sales team focus on what they do best — selling

By connecting your enquiry form, you will be able to see new leads appear into the lead management tool, no data entry, ready to go!


  • Full History in one place
  • Configurable fields to suit your business
  • Outstanding tasks outlined against the record
  • Templates for commonly used communications
  • Leads managed seamlessly
  • Linked telephony means you can raise customer service

The only CRM with
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Improve your business processes or your money back

We stand behind what we do, simply tell us the key aspects of what you need and we will guarantee that if you are not satisfied we will give you your money back. Ultimately we are confident that we will make what you want work, simple!