Simple, but powerful metrics

Work smarter

White Fluffy Cloud is full of business & marketing automation tools to help your team focus on high-value, high-revenue tasks.

The system’s built around VoIP calling and a state of art customer relationship management suite. Receive or make a call and the system goes to work, automatically bringing up the relevant customer details and history, along with the tools to manage the relationship going forward.

Maximize your marketing ROI (Return on Investment)

WFC has the unique ability to track all marketing activity results through to order take. You will learn what works and what doesn’t and where each enquiry got to through the process. This means you can analyse your actual orders back to the marketing campaign that created the enquiry enabling you to concentrate marketing spend on best convertors!

Spend time closing deals

Let your sales team focus on what they do best — selling

By automating processes from data entry through to automated responses and action points your sales team can keep focused and up to date with all their leads and calling can be just a click of the mouse. Sales will have full insight of all the communications between the business and the client and even see if they have read their last email. Order forms can be e-sign enabled and sales will simply be notified when they arrive. There is much more but importantly access can be from anywhere.

Analyse and Control

Easily automate follow-ups and administrative tasks

Take control by seeing the stats that you need for your business in our easy access reports. These can be converted to charts and even kept on your desktop – all KPI’s at your finger tips.

Our report suite can mine all your data and configured to your needs. Once done you can reproduce just by changing date ranges or other factors.

Here are some additional highlights:

  • Contact Management
  • Calendar and Task Management
  • Telephony
  • Business Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Document Management
  • Cloud and Security
  • Data and Analytics
  • Customisation

The only CRM with
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Improve your business processes or your money back

We stand behind what we do, simply tell us the key aspects of what you need and we will guarantee that if you are not satisfied we will give you your money back. Ultimately we are confident that we will make what you want work, simple!