Bend us, shape us, any way…



Shape your Cloud

The beauty of clouds is they can take on all kinds of shape – and White Fluffy Cloud is no exception. We can fit into virtually any IT and telephony set up – and our tech teams can customise many of our features to suit your business, before you go live.

Here are a few examples…

  • Template designs, for data input, customer records etc.
  • Invoice design and layout
  • Automated tasks
  • Integration with other White Fluffy Cloud accounts or business software
  • Widgets
  • Integration with website processes such as online enquiries
  • Customised reporting facilities and report layouts
  • Page branding

Automate the boring stuff

Easily automate follow-ups and administrative tasks

Leverage the power of high-tech, big business automation in a small business orientated package. Together we will map out your process steps whether that is the sales cycle or how support is delivered, we can automate messages and tasks so that your staff save time and your customers get class leading service. Everything is recorded including all customers responses which means even their response can move them to the next stage of your process without you lifting a finger!

Don’t let anything else slip through the cracks

Never lose any more leads or contact details

See where your sales are coming from. Identify whats working and whats not.

  • Tasks and reminders
  • Contact automation
  • Data entry
  • Call tracking
  • E signature forms
  • Marketing follow ups and auto responders

The only CRM with
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Improve your business processes or your money back

We stand behind what we do, simply tell us the key aspects of what you need and we will guarantee that if you are not satisfied we will give you your money back. Ultimately we are confident that we will make what you want work, simple!